What is a digital product?

We in Letsgood see digital products as much larger projects which concern not only application development, but also marketing and sales processes. Digital products are created as comprehensive strategies including marketing and sales parts as well as product philosophy with a special focus on mobile and web applications.

Why should you work
on digital products with us?

Sometimes it takes just a detail to change, sometimes you need to turn your philosophy upside down. We are not afraid of making strategic changes for you in order to improve your product positioning.
In today’s highly competitive world, the winner takes it all. That is why we concentrate mainly on high usability and design of apps. Our top-notch UX/UI team will take your product to the highest level it can possibly reach.

Take a step outside Europe

Our experience and contacts all around the world will help you find new partners outside Europe and expand your product. It really is a small world we live in.

How do we create digital products?

When developing digital products for our clients, we devise a product and digital business demo including the project to give them a clear idea about how the product works and to make sure all critical marketing, sales and technological aspects are discussed before the investment is made.

These days, online marketing, sales and IT are closely interconnected, which is why we always strive to present a technological design which connects end applications with the client’s internal systems and automates their business.

As part of the product demo and before the product is launched, we work along with the client to answer questions we have gathered along the way while developing our own products. These questions reflect the current market situation, define marketing and sales opportunities and help to determine the right product scalability, a critical point of new projects.

Ready for Digital Product?