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Why should you have your App created by us?

  • We’ll design the optimal graphical user interface
  • We’ll select the right technology that fits your product type (JAVA, .NET, PHP, Android, iOS)
  • We’ll choose a suitable platform (Microsoft Azure, Amazon WS, Google Cloud)
  • We’ll launch the project as soon as possible
  • We’ll create a technologically advanced and successful app
  • We have successfully run a number of projects for many satisfied clients

App Preparation

Developing the product and setting up all the activities (UI/UX, graphic design, development testing) necessary for a successful launch of the app. It is necessary to enroll the owner in the Apple Developer Program and Google Play Development center, set up API and web application environments, generate SSLs certificates and choose the best technology data provider for the audience.

Application Design Process

Mobile application development begins by formulating requirements and feature specifications. Having processed this part, the supplier is able to calculate the estimated price.

The first phase being completed, wireframes are created and sent to the client in the original design, which they can view dynamically. This part allows for request updates and aims to design a general concept of the mobile and tablet applications. This phase is successfully completed if approved by the client.

Once both parties have agreed on the application concept, pixel-perfect graphics – GUI (Graphical User Interface) is created, made in Sketch software. Optional animation and flow prototyping in special softwares can be carried out to maximize the user experience of the app. The objective of this phase is to produce the final design of the mobile and tablet applications. This phase is successfully completed if approved by the client.

Development Process

The concept and pixel-perfect graphics phases are followed by mobile and web application development, using in-house project management methodology with a special focus on high standards and high-quality outcomes. The applications are developed in iterative cycles using agile principles of work organisation. In our experience, two-week cycles with clearly defined meetings have proven to be the best practice. To be more specific, we use an extended Scrum agile software development framework.

We are committed supporters of working very closely with the client. That is why the client is always involved in the development phases. They meet the development team and provide regular feedback about completed product stages. This approach brings a number of advantages: the client can control the development, they can change their requirements immediately and define any time their priorities in a particular iterative cycle.


The client receives an application tested on iPhone 4SE, iPhone 5+, 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 devices and the latest iPad series. Besides, as a standard part of mobile application testing, memory tests are run in the Instruments application.


The client receives an application tested on Samsung, Google (Nexus), ASUS and HTC mobile devices (phones, tablets), containing the official versions of Android operating systems. Besides, automatic tests using the UIAutomator tool are run.


We test web applications on Android and iOS platform, because that’s only way how to arrange maximized engagment of user experience.

Testing and QA

When developing mobile applications, we comply with strict requirements for testing and QA. Essential parts and subsystems are tested using unit tests. In mobile platforms, the main branches of operating systems are tested (iOS 9, 10, Android 4.4, 5, 6, 7 official distribution).

App Listing in Google Play and App Store

Google Play contains more than 2.2 million apps and iTunes App Store around 2.0 million apps. With such an overwhelming volume of apps available, there’s no simple way to promote your application without a great marketing strategy. Submitting your app to the stores is a multistep process.


The marketing strategy for your mobile and web product is the keystone of your successful launch. We help you to design newsletters and activation e-mails, to launch and promote screens in the stores. If you have a marketing plan and strategy of your product planned, we are ready to connect the app marketing strategy with your product marketing strategy.

Managing App Reviews

Public apps can be reviewed by users so it is necessary to collect feedback and react appropriately. We always strive to resolve any negative reviews so that the user rethinks their reference.

Based on user feedback, we are able and ready to improve user cases and resolve the usability of the application.


Mobile operating systems are very often updated and we take care of our applications so that they are always usable on the latest devices and operating systems. It is also necessary to maintain the Apple Developer Program assets and certificates. estimates that over 284 billion apps will have been downloaded and over 60 billion smart mobile devices will have been sold by 2020 worldwide. And what about you? Still afraid to connect your business with the app world?

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