Letsgood has developed a strategic partnership with TeskaLabs

We have established a partnership with TeskaLabs, an application security company focused on mobile and industrial Internet of Things. Our cooperation provides better mobile app security and enhanced protection technology for our clients.

When developing mobile apps, we always strive to meet our clients’ demanding security policy requirements. Now we can respond to even more challenges thanks to TeskaLabs, a market leader in mobile application security technology.

‘We believe TeskaLabs security platform is a technology that actively helps to protect mobile apps and their secure use, which is why we have decided to offer this technology to our clients,’ said Marek Ostrý, CEO and founder about TeskaLabs security platform.

‘We’re pleased to enter a strategic partnership with Letsgood, a trusted providers of enterprise solutions. By innovating together we will continue to move the enterprise mobility forward and improve the application security for our mutual customers,’ said Ales Teska, TeskaLabs’s founder and CEO.

Mobile app security

The mobile app market is growing, and so are mobile security threats. Security standards fail to be sufficient for today’s mobile apps, yet building applications which transfer sensitive data between systems impacts on the running of the whole business. When developing mobile apps, it is crucial to implement security mechanisms that will provide for comprehensive app protection against external threats.